My other brother from another mother, Alan The Chemist. This was in The Salton Sea. A terrible place I suggest you never visit. It was 134 degrees with the heat index. Every thing is dead. The rotten lake is so salty the fish can live only long enough to spawn before beaching themselves, creating an endless cycle of rotting fish on the water banks for miles. The stench is unreal. The fish feed the flies, which attack you by the billions, burrowing into all your open pink areas, eyes, ears, nostrils… There was the largest dust storm of the decade that day, and to top it all off, on the drive out there we pulled the cube truck over on the highway and we picked up a dead pitbull I spotted. He was about 3 days old, pretty much intact and was just too fucking perfect for the “Gangrene” piece we were shooting, so I pulled the parade over and we loaded him up into the cube truck. Unfortunately the only Vehicle with working AC was, of course, the fucking cube truck. So even the AC was horrifying, with the rotting dog and maggot water coming out of the cold vents. Amazing video BTW. “The Sickness.”