Jay Electronica in the Himalayas. That’s “Sagarmatha” (caucasianly known as Mt. Everest, the highest point on the planet Earth) behind him. The air was so thin at almost 15,000 feet the Helicopter had to take us two at a time up and back down the mountain to reduce the weight. 30 minutes after we took this photo, a HUGE fog bank flew up the valley towards us, forcing all of us to rush down towards the Nepali Airport. The fog was too thick, we ended up making an EMERGENCY landing on a riverside, not even halfway back. I SWEAR I thought I saw the Helicopter rotors slice into the hillside as we hugged the mountain on the way down. We landed with a metallic thud, and all of us needed 5 minutes to download what had just happened. But we settled right in, and spent the night there waiting for the storm to pass. Listening to the Himalayan river that would eventually turn into the Ganghis, myself, the translator, the Pilot, the D.P. and Mr. Electronica shared stories with a tremendous bottle of Johnny Walker to keep us all warm and so appreciative, and so, so alive.

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