Shadow Boy

I was drinking with a friend in New York who had recently returned from Iraq on a photo adventure. I told him I was headed to Haiti in a week and I’ll never for get it. He goes…” Whoa, Haiti, I heard its dangerous over there….”


A child in the slums in Kathmandu. We shot here with Jay Electronica. I had to meet with the “Mayor” of the slums to get his permission to shoot. We agreed to donate a 50 pound bag of rice for every hut that was there – over a 100 of them. The people were weary of us at first, but as always, a little eye contact and genuine wonderment and quickly everyone is a human being again. The mayor however, requested at the very last minute we give him the money to buy the rice himself. (That didn’t happen, everyone got their rice from us.) I’ll never forget a few of us breaking down into tears and stopping the shoot, and just being there for a moment as a person in a far away place, aware, rather than a camera crew on some epic journey… We were completely enveloped by the smells so toxic they burnt your nose, the flies trying to get in your ears, the burning trash irritating your eyes, and the fucking SMILES and pure laughter that came from the wonderful little human beings who knew nothing else.

 Light Being

Jay tests my bravery. He’s always making up these stories to see how far I’ll follow, telling me he has “shrooms is his jacket, ecstasy pills in his bag, a salvia sack or a rock of DMT.”  He has his hands on these door knobs, pushing further, seeing who holds the bravery, and who’s willing to go.

 All I had

I remember the first 3 or 4 hours trying give money to every single person that needed it. Eventually you realize it’s completely impossible to feed everyone. It becomes a strange process…an odd game of elimination you play in your head. A cold hearted, but completely unavoidable game of who to give money to and who to tell “I’m so sorry” to…I gave her all I had.