Mandela. South Africa. I was on a World-Wide run with Pharrell. We found ourselves somehow inside the Mandela Compound in Johannesburg. The security was beyond anything I had ever experienced before, but once we got inside the walls,  and through the checks, and past the gigantic guns it was an awesome atmosphere of complete comfort. Amidst the gorgeous rose gardens, African art, and precious grandchildren running around barefoot,  I remember sharing a brief moment with P. It was a glance of humble disbelief, and a shared sense of being in the right place at the right time, and knowing it.  Nelson was relaxed, full of light, and kept saying what an idiot politician George W was…

He could then, of course, recognize a sense of our American shame, so added how he liked George W. personally. He told us the first thing Bush asked Mandela when they met was if he wanted to do a shot of whiskey with him…God Bless America.

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