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This was on the trip I ran with Cudi as we assembled SOUNDTRACK2MYLIFE. Usually “Tour” videos are shot on the road and the actual imagery is almost an afterthought. This was a particular amazing run with Cudder as we all knew what we were building, so he would go that extra step with me. Be [...]


Jay Electronica in the Himalayas. That’s “Sagarmatha” (caucasianly known as Mt. Everest, the highest point on the planet Earth) behind him. The air was so thin at almost 15,000 feet the Helicopter had to take us two at a time up and back down the mountain to reduce the weight. 30 minutes after we took [...]

 Buck In Cuba

Young Buck and I were chillin’ In Cuba on a roof top smoking. There were a few runs with him where no one but he and I smoked. So we often would find a rooftop or alley to slip away for a few moments and puff one. He was a true stoner, and would always [...]

 Robbie Page

“I once asked my mum when I came out of Japanese prison for possession of LSD, I asked her, how come I ended up in there? And she said, oh, it’s simple. You lost appreciation for the fundamental values of life.” –Robbie

 Shadow Boy

I was drinking with a friend in New York who had recently returned from Iraq on a photo adventure. I told him I was headed to Haiti in a week and I’ll never for get it. He goes…” Whoa, Haiti, I heard its dangerous over there….”


A child in the slums in Kathmandu. We shot here with Jay Electronica. I had to meet with the “Mayor” of the slums to get his permission to shoot. We agreed to donate a 50 pound bag of rice for every hut that was there – over a 100 of them. The people were weary [...]

 Light Being

Jay tests my bravery. He’s always making up these stories to see how far I’ll follow, telling me he has “shrooms is his jacket, ecstasy pills in his bag, a salvia sack or a rock of DMT.”  He has his hands on these door knobs, pushing further, seeing who holds the bravery, and who’s willing [...]

 All I had

I remember the first 3 or 4 hours trying give money to every single person that needed it. Eventually you realize it’s completely impossible to feed everyone. It becomes a strange process…an odd game of elimination you play in your head. A cold hearted, but completely unavoidable game of who to give money to and [...]