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Pashupati. River-side in Nepal. The smoke filled the morning air as multiple human bodies burnt beneath stacks of flowers, hay, and wood on the stone banks. Smoldering ashes and unburnt larger remains swept into the flowing river below. A continuation of an unbroken journey everlasting. BABA WHITE BOY is one of a group there, who [...]


On a run through Cuba with Aceyalone. We were shooting in this local bar, when I stepped outside to get out of the shot. I saw this beautiful little girl in her school uniform hustling down the street. I imagined at first she was bringing her little brother one, but the second I asked if [...]


“At the end of the day,day my momma told me don’t let no one break me let no one break me At end of the day, day, nobody, nobody, ever could stop me ever could stop me At the end of the day, day you can’t regret it if you were trying if you were [...]


Mandela. South Africa. I was on a World-Wide run with Pharrell. We found ourselves somehow inside the Mandela Compound in Johannesburg. The security was beyond anything I had ever experienced before, but once we got inside the walls,  and through the checks, and past the gigantic guns it was an awesome atmosphere of complete comfort. [...]

 Gangster Jesus

Leimert Park, California. We were shooting a video for Aceyalone, and I was walking towards Project Blowd, up Crenshaw Blvd. I saw this guy standing by the park facing traffic and asked if I could snap a few off. He looked at me somewhat confused, agreed, and then waited a moment and said, “he does [...]


One of my personal favorites. Baba lived on the river banks of the Bagmati in Pashupati. Half¬† Spiritual beings of heart, and half Brooklyn card hustlers, these spiritual men deal with both corn ball tourists and “true seekers” all day long. They live a simple life with no possessions, eating and smoking what’s given to [...]

 mutual wonderment

Brazil. Rio de Janeiro. Being mad famous as an artist means you must really be talented. Which means you really must be sensitive. Which means it must be really weird to be really talented and really famous. I often found Pharrell inside of a complex bubble. A strange almost debilitating safety bubble that somehow traps [...]

 smoking with ace

My first official music video was for Aceyalone’s “I Think.” I was fucking geeked just to meet him. He came up to the Cal Arts film studios and we shot in a few hours. I remember once it was edited and colored I drove down to Project Blowed on a Thursday night and gave him [...]

 4 Corners

I wanted to breathe through my mouth, as to not smell anything, but I remember thinking I’d rather smell it than let the filthy air and flies into my skull. But before we left I told everyone I wanted to make one last walk through the encampment. Alone. And just be there by myself for [...]

 The Sickness

My other brother from another mother, Alan The Chemist. This was in The Salton Sea. A terrible place I suggest you never visit. It was 134 degrees with the heat index. Every thing is dead. The rotten lake is so salty the fish can live only long enough to spawn before beaching themselves, creating an [...]