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On a run through Cuba with Aceyalone. We were shooting in this local bar, when I stepped outside to get out of the shot. I saw this beautiful little girl in her school uniform hustling down the street. I imagined at first she was bringing her little brother one, but the second I asked if I could take her picture she looked incredibly guilty. And once I started popping off, the neighbors stared yelling at her, and teasing her in Spanish for something I can only imagine was about two ice cream cones in a communist state…but probably not. The people there are fucking amazing, so warm and open hearted, and about living in a present moment, content. ¬†They show so much love, especially when they find out your from Nueva York. People always say it’s so sad how Cuba’s going to go to shit after Castro dies. I think thats so racist, everyone there is too ill to let that happen. ¬†Fuck off, viva la revolution.