4 Corners

I wanted to breathe through my mouth, as to not smell anything, but I remember thinking I’d rather smell it than let the filthy air and flies into my skull. But before we left I told everyone I wanted to make one last walk through the encampment. Alone. And just be there by myself for a second and attempt to get centered and just be thankful. So I walked away with my camera hung around my neck. The streets were narrow and full of corners, making it mostly impossible to see very far. I came to an intersection of 4 streets and just stood there. I took a deep breath, watching and listening. Out of nowhere this little girl ran right into the sunrise light, and stood there staring at me. I smiled, fumbled with my camera and got it. The camera clicked in slow motion, and she ran away, as mysterious as she had arrived. And I swear a part of me is standing there still…

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